How to remove a frozen RCE application

1) In nx, open a terminal from the Applications->System tools menu

2) Note the host your are on:  [cperry@rce6-5 ~]$ 

3) Run the command below and note the Schedd host and job ID. 

[cperry@rce6-5 ~]$ condor_q cperry

-- Schedd: HMDC.rce@rce6-1.hmdc.harvard.edu : <>

 ID      OWNER            SUBMITTED     RUN_TIME ST PRI SIZE CMD               

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Using Stata at 100% quota results in data loss

We uncovered a Stata bug where the application will overwrite output with zero byte content when you reach maximum quota. Please be aware of your quota status and expected output size before running a Stata job. HMDC has submitted a bug report to Stata and their developers are working on a fix.

Is phpMyAdmin available for database access?

Yes, but access is limited to within the RCE only. Create or log in to your NX session and navigate to phpmyadmin.hmdc.harvard.edu. Log in to phpMyAdmin using your database credentials. Make sure the proper host is selected in the drop down. If you don't know your host, check the email that was sent to you when you requested the database.