How can I view the status of the cluster?

The status of the cluster can be viewed interactively as a graph showing current cluster usage and cluster usage over time. These graphs show both the number of jobs on the cluster, and the owners of those jobs.

If you look at the "Pool Resource (Machine) Statistics" for the past day, you will see the usage, over time, of the Interactive Cluster nodes. If you look at "Pool User (Job) Statistics" for the past hour you can see who currently has jobs running on the Interactive Cluster ("User" column) and how many nodes they are using ("JobsRunning Average" column).

Alternatively, you can also view the cluster status from the command line in the RCE.

  • To view the status of the Batch Cluster, run: condor_status -pool
  • To view the status of the Interactive Cluster (where "RCE Powered" jobs are run), run: condor_status -pool

To better understand the output of the condor_status command, refer to the Condor Documentation. For detailed information on how to check the status of jobs in the cluster, please refer to the Batch Processing guide.