Update to StatTransfer v12 and minor fixes.

April 9, 2014

At 12:30 today we updated to version 12 of StatTransfer.    You can use StatTransfer locally by going to the Mathematics menu, or you can run it on an RCE Powered node.  There is also a command line version, to use the CLI version simply type `st` at a command prompt.

We also made some minor fixes to a few applications that spawned terminals when they started, the fix keeps the unnecessary terminal from starting.  The batch watch utlility was also fixed.  If you choose, email is now sent upon batch job completion.

Critical patch to openssl installed

April 8, 2014

Due to an exploit in the openssl package installed in the RCE we pushed out a workaround this morning at 09:45.  No users should have been affected by this change. If you are interested in the openssl exploit you can read more about it here: CVE-2014-0160

Retired hostname:

March 18, 2014

We have retired the RCE server This has been replaced by the server

All KSG RCE researchers can point their NX clients to to connect to the RCE.

Introducing the New RCE

February 28, 2014

The Harvard-MIT Data Center at IQSS is proud to announce the next major version of the Research Computing Environment.

The RCE offers a centralized place in which to store data, and collaborate on social science research analysis. The newest version is a major overhaul of the environment, making new software and tools available to our users. Known as RCE6, it is based on Enterprise Linux 6, and built on a new Puppet infrastructure to allow for flexible configuration and rapid feature updates.

RCE Powered job failures

February 27, 2014

During our scheduled LDAP outage this morning (2/27) we discovered that some RCE Powered jobs were killed due a failure to lookup user identities.  Our condor resource manager was configured to continue jobs, even on user lookup failure, but this appears to be a bug in the system as it did fail jobs when the system was unable to lookup user information.

RCE5/RCE6 gnome compatibility issue

November 4, 2013

We have discovered an issue when using both RCE5 (the current version) and RCE6 (our beta release).  Switching between environments either corrupts or changes a users gnome settings so that it will eventually fail to start an RCE5 session.  We recommend that users of RCE6 continue to use that environment.

Stata 13 now available

October 25, 2013

The latest version of Stata (release 13) is now available in RCE6 Beta 2.

RCE version 6 Beta 2

October 18, 2013

The second beta release of RCE version 6 is available for use.  This is a stable release and can be relied on for most production work.  If you are interested in working in the new RCE6 point your NX session to  If you find a bug please contact our support team and add "RCE6 Bug", followed by a 2 or 3 word description of the issue in the subject line, then add a more detailed description of the issue in the message body.