secondary source

Ahmed L. Women and Gender in Islam. New Haven: Yale University Press; 1992.Abstract
In this text Ahmed, a professor at Harvard Divinity School, gives a historical overview of the lives of women in Islamic communities stretching from pre-Islamic Arabia to contemporary communities in and beyond the Middle East. It addresses, as well, the construction of discourse around gender and feminism that influences Western and non-Western understandings of this history. A critical and useful overview for educators seeking to address issues of gender and Islam in their classes, the reading level is appropriate for teachers but likely challenging for secondary school students.

Constantine's Sword

2007. Directed by Oren Jacoby, based on the book by James Carroll. (Documentary) This documentary weaves together biography and history, tracing the roots and consequences of Christian antisemitism, its historical legacy and the impact it had on the life and career of Carroll, a former Catholic priest. Highly excerptable and appropriate for grades 6-12, the film covers diverse time periods and topics ranging from the life of Jesus, the crusades, and contemporary issues related to religion, war, and politics in America.