Rahul Dave

Rahul Dave

Computational Scientist, Astrophysics Data System
Rahul Dave

Rahul Dave is a Computational Scientist at the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. He is also Chief Wrangler at Nareau Inc, a small consultancy focussed on computing and disbursement of large or difficult sets of data. We provide end-to-end expertise on managing large data sets, finding patterns in and computing on data, visualizing data and results of computation, and making these available over the web. He is also interested in collaborative software, especially as it pertains to personal and group information management, and its potential to create new, more democratic and responsible forms of media. In the recent past, he was a computational scientist at Harvard’s Initiative in Innovative Computing. He is a cosmologist by training, and a developer by vocation. He is an avid climber and skier, and a mountain person at heart.

On twitter: @rahuldave

On the web: http://tig.nareau.net/

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