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Science, Religion, and Culture (SRC) at Harvard Divinity School organizes colloquia, seminars, and workshops that promote interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration among scholars and students across Harvard University and beyond.

These studies of science and religion investigate many different socio-historical contexts, and they aim to carefully analyze anthropological, historical, philosophical, and theological dimensions of the particular discourses, conversations, and constructions that appear in these contexts. These studies also carefully engage questions of race, gender and sexuality among other issues of inclusion and exclusion that transform the production and consumption of scientific and religious discourses and products.

The Science, Religion, and Culture Program generates and sponsors conversations that critically interrogate the categories of science and religion and the sociocultural, discursive and societal processes that produce and transform both these categories and the structures of authority and relevance attached to them. To do so it promotes scholarship that employs a variety of methods and tools including queer and feminist theories, ritual and performance theories, actor-network theory, discourse analysis and postcolonial methodologies in the study of scientific and religious phenomena and their interactions.

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