Module: Postcolonial Studies in Science and Religion

In this module, we examine the legacy of colonialism on many different aspects of lived experience related to science, religion and culture. We seek to understand the continuities and discontinuities between colonial and postcolonial religious discourses, and understand how the cultural legacy of imperialism has challenged and changed the religious practice of the colonized. We also look at the role of colonial science and technology, and colonial and postcolonial modernization projects in the making of individual identities and views on nature, self, progress, belief, etc. This theme also investigates the global distribution of scientific and technological goods, and how technological production, including environmental costs, is distributed along lines that animate the north-south, east-west, colonial-postcolonial questions and identities.

Topics in this module include

  • North-South dynamics in the movement of science and technology
  • Colonial and postcolonial religious discourses
  • Science, religion, and the postcolonial state
  • Religion and global health policies
  • Universality and locality in medical practice

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