Module: Science, Technology, and Religion

This module pays special attention to the role played by technology and applied sciences in formulating the relationship between science and religion, and in creating the parameters of scientific and religious experiences and practices.We look at the role of religion and religious ethics in the making of “Big Science”, as well as the role of religious beliefs in the lives of individual scientists. Here, we recognize that religious affiliations are categories fraught with difficulty and are deeply connected to racial and ethnic questions that need to be taken into considerations. We also look at the impact of technology on religious practices from Mega-Churches, online sermons and religious rituals, to churches and prayers on Second Life. In all these instances, the new technological medium that is controlling and modifying people’s experiences of their own lives including religious rituals.

Topics in this module include

  • Worldviews and Cosmologies in Science and Religion
  • Religion and Ethical Values in Science
  • Science and Religion in the Public Sphere and in Policy Making
  • Technology and its influence on religious rituals
  • Religion in the lives of scientists

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