SRC Junior Fellows Program

Open to all master-level and pre-general doctoral students with research interests in science, religion, and culture. The Junior Fellows Program provides curriculum guidance, mentoring and professional development opportunities within a research community of scholars working at the intersection of science, religion and culture. Fellows tailor their individual research interests and develop their academic profiles in a collaborative and lively research environment under the guidance of faculty and advanced doctoral students.

The Junior Fellows Program has three curriculum components:

3 courses, 3 mentors, and 3 projects

Three Courses: During the academic year, fellows take “Science and Religion: Debates, Approaches, and Controversies” (HDS 3341), and are guided in selecting up to two other courses that fit their degree requirements. A university-wide list of courses that address the intersection of science, religion and culture can be found on SRC’s website.

Three Mentors: Fellows receive research and professional guidance in a lab environment and through one-on-one interaction with mentors.

  1. Fellows Lunch, led by Professor Ahmed Ragab, meets twice a semester to discuss research, projects and curriculum

  2. Fellows meet with SRC doctoral affiliate twice a month for research and project guidance. During these meetings, fellows develop their own research and work on their own projects.

  3. Fellows participate in an SRC Research Group, during which they learn research and proposal-writing skills as the group develops programmatic themes and initiatives or works on an SRC research project. A list of active research projects will be available, to which fellows may apply.

Three Projects:

  1. Individual Research Project: fellows develop a research project under mentorship; this may entail developing a course term paper into a publication, a research proposal, work on a thesis or writing sample, or any type of project that will enhance the fellow’s academic profile. Fellows will have an opportunity to present their research at the SRC’s year-end conference.

  2. SRC research project: fellows work on one of SRC’s research projects as members of a Research Group developing research initiatives, programmatic events, grant applications, publications, etc. A list of active research projects will be available, to which fellows may apply. .

  3. SRC Events: Fellows participate in the organization and execution of one SRC event, including movie nights, reading groups, lecture series, graduate conference, etc. This opportunity gives fellows the chance to acquire expertise in planning and event development.

To learn more about the Junior Fellows program and how to get involved, contact Faye Bodley-Dangelo, SRC assistant director for academic affairs ( The deadline for 2014 - 2015 academic year was on September 17th.