Faculty Assistance

Management of Letters of Recommendation

•  Notify faculty member of upcoming work, pending letters
•  Edit letters and finalize on official stationary
•  Send or submit letters of recommendation to institution

Course support

•  Open, update, and maintain course websites
•  Upload readings and documents to course websites
•  Edit course documents (syllabus, handouts, etc.)
•  Scan and copy readings for distribution to enrolled students
•  Submit required/recommended book orders to the Harvard Coop
•  Order publishers’ desk copies for classes with qualifying enrollment

Research Support

•  Order or scan documents for research
•  Mail or Fedex manuscripts or books

Support for Departmental Business

•  Assist with promotion reviews
•  Organize committee meetings
•  Prepare meeting and presentation materials
•  Update faculty information or adding events on departmental website (or working with appropriate departmental personnel to do so)
•  Order business cards and stationary
•  Order basic office supplies