June 2006

The Balance Test Fallacy in Matching Methods for Causal Inference

We've talked a lot on this blog about evaluating the quality of matching solutions when applying these matching for preprocessing, and in some of these discussions I've previewed and referenced arguments from a paper I was working on with Kosuke Imai and Liz Stuart. We have finally finished the paper. For anyone interested, you can get a copy here. The abstract follows. Comments welcome!

News In Texas Redistricting

The noted Texas redistricting case, known politically for its role involving Tom DeLay and academically for the amici curiae brief filed by Gary King, Andrew Gelman, Jonathan Katz and Bernard Grofman, was ruled on by the Supreme Court today. In short, the party-based gerrymandering was not a problem - nor was the fact that it was done off the traditional calendar - but the composition of districts involving the dilution of Hispanic voters was. The court has ordered that those irregular districts be redrawn.

Statz Rap

Amy Perfors

A friend emailed this to me;apparently the teaching assistants at the University of Oregon have creative as well as statistical talents. It's pretty funny. Perhaps every intro to statistics class could begin with a showing... video here

Posted by Amy Perfors at June 18, 2006 4:21 PM