March 2007

Applied Statistics - Spring Break

As many of you know, Harvard is on spring break this week, so the Applied Statistics Workshop will not meet. Please join us next Wednesday, April 4, for a presentation by Professor Richard Berk of the University of Pennsylvania. And for those of you at Harvard, enjoy some time off (or at least some time without students!).

Posted by Mike Kellermann at March 26, 2007 8:19 AM

Judicial Decisions as Data Points

Empirical, particularly quantitative empirical, scholarship is all the rage these days in law schools. (By the way, as a quantitative legal empiricist,that makes me really nervous. If there's one constant in legal academia, it's that things go in and out of style as fast in law schools as they do in Milan fashion shows.)

Applied Statistics - Ken Kleinman

This week, the Applied Statistics Workshop will present a talk by Ken Kleinman, associate professor in the Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention at the Harvard Medical School. Professor Kleinman received his Sc.D. from the Harvard School of Public Health. He has published widely in journals in medicine and epidemiology. His statistical research centers mainly on methods for clustered and longitudinal repeated measures data.