December 2007

No Applied Statistics Workshop, Workshop Resumes Jan 30th

There will be no applied statistics workshop this Wednesday December 12th.

The workshop will resume on January 30th with a presentation from David Nickerson, University of Notre Dame-Department of Political Science.

Hope to see you all then and have a great holiday season.

Posted by Justin Grimmer at December 10, 2007 12:09 PM

New online ELS bibliography

Via the ELS Blog, there is news of a new effort organized by the law libraries at UCLA and Cornell to construct a bibliography of empirical research looking at questions in the legal realm. As a political scientist, it's kind of hard for me to conceptualize what an equivalent bibliography would look like for our field (other than unwieldy), but it looks like it could be quite useful for researchers both inside and outside of the legal academy.

Stress and birth outcomes

You might recall explanations of a gender bias at birth due to simple and sophisticated discrimination, or even infectious disease like hepatitis B. Last week’s Economist reports that in industrialized countries, the probability of getting a boy is slightly higher than getting a girl. More surprisingly, that extra chance of having a boy has been decreasing.