September 2009

Athey on "Sponsored Search Advertising Auctions"

Please join us at the Applied Statistics workshop this Wednesday, Sept 30th when we will be delighted to have the distinguished Susan Athey, Professor of Economics here at Harvard, presenting on "A Structural Model of Equilibrium and Uncertainty in Sponsored Search Advertising Auctions" (joint work with Denis Nekipelov). Susan has passed along the following abstract:

Van Alstyne on "Network Structure and Information Advantage"

Please join us this Wednesday, September 23rd at the Applied Statistics Workshop when we will be fortunate to have Marshall Van Alstyne presenting "Network Structure and Information Advantage: The Diversity--Bandwidth Tradeoff." Marshall is an Associate Professor at Boston University in the Department of Management Information Systems as well as Research Associate at …

Grimmer on "Quantitative Discovery from Qualitative Information"

Please join us tomorrow, September 9th for our first workshop of the year when we are happy to have Justin Grimmer presenting joint work with Gary King entitled "Quantitative Discovery from Qualitative Information: A General-Purpose Document Clustering Methodology."

Justin and Gary have provided the following abstract for their paper: