Data for Replications

We have blogged a fair bit about reproducibility standards and data-sharing for replication (see here and here). Some journals require authors to make datasets and codes available for a while already, and now these policies start to show effects. For example the American Economic Review requires authors to submit their data since 2004, and this information is now available on their website. The AER provides a basic readme document and files with the used variables for an increasing number of articles since late 2002; some authors also provide their program codes. There's a list of articles with available data here.

The 2006 Report of the Editor suggests that most authors now comply with the data posting requirements and that only few exceptions are made. At this point AER is pretty much alone among the top economics journals with offering this information. I wonder if authors substitute between the AER and other journals. Since the AER is still a very desirable place to publish, maybe this improves the quality of AER submissions if only confident authors submit? At least for now the submission statistics in the editor’s report don't suggest that they are loosing authors. Meanwhile hundreds of grad students can rejoice in a wealth of interesting papers to replicate.

Posted by Sebastian Bauhoff at 11:33 AM