IQSS Research Technology Road Map

The Research Technology Services group is actively engaged in the following projects:

  • RCE upgrades: upgrading the operating system, deployment and infrastructure software, and application software to make the RCE more functional, maintainable, extensible, and easy to use.
  • Data security: architecting and implementing infrastructure improvements to the RCE to comply with Harvard data security requirements for the storage and use of Level 3 and Level 4 confidential data as defined at
  • RCE Cloud: architecting and implementing infrastructure to extend the RCE to public (Amazon Web Services) and private (Harvard Odyssey) cloud resources, which includes integrating resource management, storage, and networking infrastructure.
  • Big Data: investigating and building infrastructure and staff expertise requirements for various types of databases that support Big Data that is scalable to Petabyte data set sizes and efficient for various types of computational access paradigms.
  • File migration: migrating non-research file storage to commodity HUIT support platforms.   Also, migrate research file data to upgraded storage infrastructure.
  • Web migration: migrating non-research web sites to commodity HUIT support platforms such as OpenScholar and virtualized web hosting.