• Case Study City: Seoul, South Korea

    Interior of Korail, 2014.

  • Case Study City: Seoul, South Korea

    The Cheonggyecheon River after the highway teardown, 2014

  • Case Study City: Mexico City, Mexico

    The Bus Rapid Transit Metrobús, 2014

  • Case Study City: Stockholm, Sweden

    One of Stockholm's subway stations, 2014

The Project

The Project for Transforming Urban Transport - The Role of Political Leadership is a research project hosted at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and funded by the Volvo Research and Educational FoundationsThis project seeks to advance the knowledge of how, when and where political leadership has been critical to the successful implementation of path-breaking transportation policies.  It will do so through case study research of 8-10 cities where political leadership has been central to the adoption and implementation of significant, transformative, and innovative transportation policies in their locales.


Transforming Urban Transport 
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
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