• Case Study City: Seoul, South Korea

    Interior of Korail, 2014.

  • Case Study City: Seoul, South Korea

    The Cheonggyecheon River after the highway teardown, 2014

  • Case Study City: Mexico City, Mexico

    The Bus Rapid Transit Metrobús, 2014

  • Case Study City: Stockholm, Sweden

    One of Stockholm's subway stations, 2014

The Project

The Project for Transforming Urban Transport - The Role of Political Leadership is a research project hosted at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and funded by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations

Networked transport systems that produce low carbon mobility patterns and integrated land uses are key to the production of environmentally sustainable cities. The challenge is how to achieve these aims.  It is one thing to know the positive impacts of sustainable transport systems and the technologies that produce them, and quite another to understand the political negotiations and governance strategies that make such outcomes possible.  This ongoing research initiative, Transforming Urban Transport (TUT) – The Role of Political Leadership, examines the spatial, political, and economic enablers and constraints on building sustainable urbanism. With a focus on transportation innovations, and with a view to the actions of citizens, state authorities, and private sector actors, our expanding research team is exploring the conditions, conflicts, and coalitions that have made cities around the world global leaders in transforming urban transport and advancing sustainability.


Transforming Urban Transport 
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
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