Write it!

Ok, so you have something to tell the world now? You have some "results"?

Telling the world about your ideas is one of the hardest part of being a researcher.

We have collected materials on how to effectively write. This includes information on particular software programs, but also general guidance on writing research papers.

Organization, bibliographies, formatting, and everything else you want to know about getting your ideas on paper.

After you Write it!, you will need to Present it!.


Know It     Code It     Write It     Present It     Manage It

Bibliography Management

Links and resources for writing/compiling bibliographies.

What citation manager should I use?: Guide to various alternatives

EndNote: Popular bibliography and document management system. Automatically insert citations in MS Word and have them formatted according to a broad variety of standards, automatically! Available for download at the HU download page.

BibServer: API to share bibliographic metadata.

EasyBib: API to automatically compose bibliographies.

Drawing/Tablet Programs

PdfAnnotator: Powerful program for drawing on .pdf documents. Academic purchases available.

File Conversion

Zamzar: Free web based program for converting files types (for example, .pdf to .png). A top rated free program

Improve your writing

Want tips for effective writing? Here are some resources.

General writing

The Elements of Style: Original version of William Strunk's Elements of Style.  A general guide for plain English style.

The Chicago Manual of Style:  Some of the material from CMS.  A useful reference for writing.

Writing With Internet Sources: This is a publication by the Expository Writing Program available in PDF here.

George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language":  Article about effective writing in the English language. Originally published in Horizon, April 1946.

Little Red School House: Reference website for writers and teachers. Approaches good writing from a reader’s perspective. Particularly useful for targeting different audiences.

Journal Articles

Notes on how to write effective research articles.

How to write a publishable paper as a class project: Article by Gary King on writing effective journal articles

Effective research articles: Discussion by statistician Andrew Gelman on writing journal articles

Writing professional papers: Discussion by political scientist Barry Weingast on writing effective journal articles 


Materials specifically for writing theses and dissertations.

Ph.D. Thesis Research: Where do I Start?

Lever: Online platform to connect thesis writers and advisors.

Writing centers

Links to campus resources for writing

The Harvard Writing Center:  Book an appointment at the Harvard Writing Center to get comments on argument, form, organization, and/or presentation of your drafts.  Appointments are relatively short.

Purdue:  The Purdue University writing center is one of the very best and you can find resources on citations, formatting, plagiarism, writer's block, appropriate language, and source evaluation here.

LaTeX (Typesetting)

Links and resources for writing documents in LaTeX.

Getting started with LaTeX:  LaTeX introduction

LaTeX: Official home of the LaTeX document preparation system. Download LaTeX here.

Install Latex on a Mac: Step by step instructions for setting up a LaTeX system on your Mac.

Detexify: resource for obtaining escape sequences for special symbols in LaTeX based on identification of hand-drawn symbols.

LaTeX Symbols:  find LaTeX escape sequences for special symbols

Intro to TikZ, and Graphics with TikZ:  Make cool graphics in LaTeX

Typeset Foreign Languages: Guide from Rich Nielsen about how to typeset foreign languages in LaTeX. Focus is on Arabic, but broadly applicable to other languages.

Professional-Looking Tables: apsrtable() produces journal-formatted tables in R that can be inserted into a Latex document.

Sideways Tables: To rotate a large table sideways, include \usepackages{rotating} at the beginning of a Latex document and use \begin{sidewaystable} instead of \begin{table}.

Learning to use Sweave in APA Style: Writing documents in Latex with results, tables, and figures generated in R.


Blind versus Not Blind: Template that shows how to setup your paper to easily be blinded for journal submission

LaTeX CV Template: Template to produce your CV in LaTeX


TeXample.net:  Lots of greats examples

Microsoft Word (Typesetting)