Present it!

Effective presentation in common programs like Power Point, Beamer (for LaTeX users), speaking in public resources, and everything else about conveying your research outloud to others.


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Beamer is an add on package for doing presentations with LaTeX. One advantage is that authoring papers in LaTeX is then very easy to directly apply to your presentation slides. Automatically load the same tables, graphics, as you use in your papers!

A Basic Beamer Tutorial: Overview of using Beamer for presentations

TikZ Figures for Beamer: Examples with code for TikZ graphics in Beamer.

Basic Beamer Template: A basic template that shows use of itemization and sets up a top ribbon for keeping track of where in the talk you are

Multiple Authors in Beamer: Code to show how to put multiple authors on the first page of a Beamer presentation

Theme Styles and Colors: A collection of Beamer themes and colors so you can decide how to make your slides look

Power Point

A ubiquitous program, there are lots of underlying tricks to the program.

Powerpoint Presentation Advice by Mike Splane (2006): General tips on using PowerPoint in a presentation.

Say it With Presentations by Gene Zelazny (1999): Book by the Director of Visual Communications at McKinsey and Co., widely considered the guru of PowerPoint communication.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips: Short set of PowerPoint presentation tips from Bates College Information and Library Services.

SlideShare: A place to host slides online and embed them into OpenScholar webpages to share your presentations.

Presenting Graphics

Tips for presenting graphics effectively.

Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte (2001): Seminal book on presenting data and information visually.

Kuler: Web-based tool to produce great-looking color palettes. Also see this guide on using Kuler to create color themes.

Colorbrewer: Color advice for cartography. Similar to Kuler in that allows for choice of great-looking color palettes.

Drawing Quality Figures: A helpful blog post on how to make effective figures.

Inkscape: A powerful open source vector graphics editor.


Prezi:  Begin here to open a Prezi account and start making virtual presentations

Research Conferences

Recurring conferences, and organizations that support them, for presenting research.

Harvard Undergraduate Research Symposium : An annual student-run conference where undergraduates can present their research in life sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Room and audience management

Its not just what you say, its also how you deliver your presentation and interact with your audience.

Harvard Speech & Parliamentary Debate Society: The team's web page

Public Speaking Practicum: Course website for Expos 40, a course on public speaking.  The website includes public speaking resources and readings.

Public Speaking & Negotiation Club: A Harvard Business School club devoted to personal development of public speaking and leadership skills. 

Improve Your Pubic Speaking: Harvard Business Review blog post on improving public speaking

Need Help Giving a Speech? : Resources to help prepare for giving a speech

How common is it to write out a script for a talk?: Academia StackExchange question on how to prepare for an academic talk.