State Legislative Responses to Demographic Change

The project is a longitudinal study of state legislative responses to demographic change. In particular we are interested in the relationship between growth in a state's minority population and efforts to restrict voting rights. Our empirical scope includes legislative efforts in every U.S. state, from 2000-2012 .  The scholar is responsible for collecting and coding data on state legislative activity regarding voting rights.  We are trying to determine to what extent state efforts to restrict voting rights--e.g.

The Emergence of Party Discipline in the British House of Commons

This project comprises the compilation of the most extensive database of British legislative records ever built.  We have already acquired every speech made in the British House of Commons after 1803, and are soon to acquire every roll call undertaken between 1832 and 1900.  Our research focuses on when and how party discipline emerged in the British House of Commons.  Primary responsibility of the student is  to 'clean up' of roll call records, which list member of parliament …

The Development of Democratic Politics in Victorian and Edwardian Britain (1830s-1914)

Spring 2011

We investigated the development of democratic politics in Victorian and  Edwardian Britain (1830s--1914).  We gathered the largest ever data collection on electoral results, roll call votes and speeches by members of  parliament.  We also employed new quantitative techniques for investigating the same.

Partisan Taunting

Summer 2011

This project was a content analysis of US Congress' speeches across time. The goal of the research was to identify and study one specific communication technique, defined as "partisan taunting."

Catalist Voter File Project

Catalist, a consulting firm, has compiled all voter files for all states. The firm has also cleaned the files (to get rid of duplicates, etc.). This project will assess the quality of voter registration files and aggregate the cleaned voter files to the levels of political geographies, such as precincts, legislative districts, and states.