The Cognitive and Neural Basis of Episodic Memory

We conduct research investigating the cognitive and neural basis of episodic memory—the ability to remember events from the personal past—and processes leading to memory distortions. We utilize cognitive and behavioral testing as well as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in healthy younger and older volunteers and individuals with clinical conditions known to affect memory processes, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Students are responsible for conducting cognitive testing in healthy younger and older adults. Responsibilities will include recruiting and scheduling participants by telephone, maintaining the participant database, conducting memory tests with the participants, entering data into computer databases, and managing proper storage of paperwork and data.

No background experience is necessary, but proficiency with Microsoft Excel and/or programming are a huge plus. We are looking for students that are organized, responsible, and excited about psychology!

If interested, please send resumes to Peggy St. Jacques at

Sponsoring Faculty Member: Daniel Schacter