Recommended Handheld Devices

Although we support Blackberry, Apple, and Android handheld, only the devices listed here currently are recommended.

Blackberry Bold

The Blackberry Bold, with its comfortable keyboard and quick response time, excels at providing email accessibility. Other features include:

    512-MB flash memory/512-MB RAM
    Mobile Broadband Connect capable
    Media player with microSD memory support

Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone combines a cell phone with an iPod. This is a useful handheld for all who want to reduce the number of devices that they have to carry. With the long list of downloadable software from the Apple store, it has a wide range of capabilities. Other features include:

    3G speed for fast access to the internet and email
    Map capability with GPS support
    5-MP camera

Droid handhelds

Only Android OS 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich) phones are supported at this time.