Kossek weighs in on "Take your Parents to Work Day"

Kossek weighs in on "Take your Parents to Work Day"

October 31, 2013

Network researcher Ellen Kossek is quoted in USA Today's article about "Take Your Parents to Work Day." In another example of the US-centric divide between work and family, Kossek explains that inviting parents to the workplace signals a change in the times. She explains that in cultures such as Asia and Latin America, involving parents in the workplace is more common than in the US.

Don’t miss our research at SHRM on October 30!

Don’t miss our research at SHRM on October 30!

October 17, 2013

Network researchers Ellen Kossek and Ginger Hanson will be presenting at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2013 Workflex Conference. Their presentation, Redesign the Workplace for Wellness: New Evidence about Work, Families and Health in Practice, will highlight the links between work conditions and wellness; talk about our evidence-based workplace intervention; and give preliminary research findings from our study. Don’t miss this chance to see a sneak peak at study results.

Can telecommuting lead to more productivity and balance at the same time?

September 26, 2013

Check out this Working Mother article, "Working from home can be great for staffers and employers if it is done right." Ellek Kossek, PhD, researcher on the Work, Family and Health Network contributes that telecommuting is still misunderstood in the US. But the article goes on to describe how telecommuting workers can be some of the most productive employees, while gaining better work-life balance.

ROWE and Parent's Time Squeeze

ROWE and Parent's Time Squeeze

August 6, 2013

With a new paper in the Journal of Marriage and Family, Network researchers have given another jolt to the national conversation on workplace flexibility and work-life balance. In “Relieving the Time Squeeze? Effects of a White-Collar Change on Parents,” authors Rachelle Hill, Eric Tranby, Erin Kelly, and Phyllis Moen report more findings from the Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) initiative at Best Buy’s corporate headquarters.

Measuring Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors: the Short Form

Measuring Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors: the Short Form

July 29, 2013

A new paper on the development and results of a short questionnaire for measuring family-supportive supervisor behaviors has been published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. The paper, Measurement development and validation of the Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior Short-Form (FSSB-SF), was authored by Leslie Hammer, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Todd Bodner, and Tori Crain.

Workplace Flexibility Hits a Rough Patch

May 1, 2013

The memo from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wasn’t intended for the public, but the news spread fast. Beginning in June, all Yahoo employees with work-from-home arrangements will have to report to work at a Yahoo office—or find another job. The announcement sparked controversy within and outside the company, with many observers expressing surprise that a high-tech company would take such a seemingly backward-looking step.

Portland City Council approves sick leave policy

March 13, 2013

In a controversial decision that followed months of heated debate, the City Council of Portland, Oregon, voted unanimously to require local businesses to adopt policies for earned sick leave. Portland is now only a handful of jurisdictions with such a policy.

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