Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Does the Children’s Relief International fund cover indirect costs?
A: No, the policy of Children’s Relief International does NOT cover indirect costs.

Q: Does the Children’s Relief International fund include the cost of a research assistant?
A: Yes, this can include the hiring of a research assistant.

Q: Can funding be used to purchase existing data as opposed to gathering one’s own?
A: Grants can be used to purchase existing data, not just gather it.

Q: Are Associate Professors eligible?  (I.e. do they count as junior faculty, as opposed to Assistant Professors?)
A: Any tenure-track faculty member who has not yet been tenured is defined as junior.  Untenured associate professors are eligible, but not tenured ones.

Q: Can applicants request funding for their time (i.e., course-buyout or summer salary) as part of the budget?
A: No. No salary expenditures for the grant recipient are allowed. (R.A. costs would be okay.)

Q: What is a budget narrative?
A: It is basically a word document that explains a budget spreadsheet or table.