Weiss Awardee's 2012-2013

Kehinde Ajayi -
Consumer Perceptions and Saving Responses to Information and Bank Reforms

Amrit Amirapu and Michael Gechter -
The Effect of Size-Based Regulations on Firms and the Pattern of Development in India

Samura Attalah - 
The Impact of Non-cognitive Skills on Uncertainty Response in Saudi Arabia

Felipe Barrera-Osorio -
School Incentives Program in Punjab, Pakistan

Melissa Dell -
The Impacts of Irrigation on Mexican Industrial Development

Scott Lee-
Motivating Community Health Workers: Two Field Experiments on Non-Financial Incentives for Prosocial Tasks

Anusha Nath-
Political Competition and Bureaucratic Effort

Yusuf Neggers-
Polling Station Officer Identity and Electoral Outcomes in India

Slawa Rokicki-
Study on Mhealth and Reproductive Health in Teens

Martin Rotemberg & Jack Willis -
The Causes and Effects of Improved Health Supply: Evidence from Rwanda

Frank Schilbach -
Alcohol Consumption among Rickshaw Peddlers in Chennai: A Study of Poverty, Pain and Self Control

Anitha Sivasankaran - 
Work and Young Women's Well-being: Evidence from textile mill employment in India

Tavneet Suri -
Shortening the Hungry Season: The Impact of Shorter Duration Rice on Food Security in Sierra Leone

Laura Trucco -
Citizens’ Complaints and Public Good’s Provision