Zelig is entirely installable from the R console, and provides three available versions - stable, beta, and development - for download and install. The following details how installation procedures for each.

Note that Zelig requires that your system has the latest version of the R software installed. This is available here with download instructions:

Install Stable Release from CRAN

Stable releases are made available via CRAN. To download this release, enter the following into an R console:


Install Beta Release

Beta releases are updated with the latest fixes and newest experimental features, and generally reflect a copy currently being tested before submission to CRAN. To download this release, enter the following into an R console:

install.packages("Zelig", type = "source", repos = "")

Install Development Release

Development versions contain the latest code in-development. This means that the development version contains the latest code which may not be fully tested. To download this release:


Install Other Zelig Packages


Note that all Zelig packages - ZeligChoice, ZeligGAM, ZeligMultilevel, ZeligNetwork - follow an identical release scheme. Using the above examples, simply replace "Zelig" with the desired Zelig package. For example, to install the stable release of "ZeligChoice":


Download the Zelig Source Code

The Zelig source is available:

  1. as development versions
  2. as recommended releases