List of Zelig Models by Package

This page contains a list, organized by R-package, of the complete collection of Zelig models.

To install a Zelig package, follow the directions found on the "DOCUMENTATION" page, found here:

Zelig Core Models

The models represent the "core" models in Zelig; they come installed with the Zelig R-package available on CRAN.


  • Standard Generalized Linear Models: aov, exp, gamma, lognorm, logit, ls, negbinom, normal, poisson, probit, tobit, sur
  • General Estimating Equation Models: gamma.gee, logit.gee, normal.gee, poisson.gee, probit.gee
  • Bayesian Models: factor.bayes, logit.bayes, mlogit.bayes, normal.bayes, oprobit,bayes, poisson.bayes, probit.bayes, poisson.bayes
  • Survey Models: gamma.survey, logit.survey, normal.survey, poisson.survey, probit.survey
  • Extended Least Squares Models: twosls, threesls
  • Other models: arima, coxph, ei.RxC,  relogit

Choice Models (from the ZeligChoice R-package)

"ZeligChoice" provides regressions to mode varying kinds of choice variables.


Available models: blogit, bprobit, mlogit, mprobit, ologit, oprobit

General Additive Models (from the ZeligGAM R-package)

"ZeligGAM" provides regressions that extend standard GLM's with the ability to apply smoothing functions to predictor terms.


Available models: logit.gam, normal.gam, poisson.gam, probit.gam

Multilevel Models (from the ZeligMultilevel R-package)

"ZeligMultilevel"provides "Multilevel" - also known as "linear Hierarchical,"Mixed," "random-effects," etc. - statistical models that vary at more than one level.


Available models: gamma.mixed, logit.mixed, ls.mixed, poisson.mixed, probit.mixed

Network Models (from the ZeligNetwork R-package)

"ZeligNetwork" provides linear regressions for modeling social networks.


Available models:,,,,,,