What's New

New features in Zelig 4:

The release of Zelig 4 comes with numerous new features to simplify the development and maintenance of statistical models.

  • Separation of Zelig core from contributed models
  • Package construction wizard (zelig.skeleton)
  • zelig2 methods support an all-new, simplfied programming style
  • param methods support a sleeker, more formalized programming style
  • describe methods now run with less overhead
  • Brand new hook API, replacing previous zelig3 and zelig4 methods
  • Improved confidence interval plotting
  • Added new types of plots to core models - logit, probit, etc.
  • Integrated numerical and combinatorial math libraries
  • Roxygen-compliant documentation
  • Tools for publishing the complete Zelig documentation
  • Unit testing for all models
  • Code now completely available on GitHub!

New in Zelig 4.1-3

  • Return compatibility with Amelia, a program for missing data
  • Return support for the "by" parameter in the "zelig" function
  • Patched various models
  • Improved readability of external method calls (typically from "summary")
  • Re-implemented several internal features to conform to CRAN policy