On the first day of the "Around the World in 80 Books" week in Cairo, a Cairene group extended our visit by developing a beautiful website to welcome everyone to Cairo. The site features a group of mesmerizing short selections from never-before-translated stories and poems:…/thecairoproject/daydreaming-cairo


For further explorations in world literature, there's an excellent free online series, "Invitation to World Literature," produced by WGBH in Boston for the Annenberg Foundation. The series consists of 13 half-hour episode, each devoted to a major literary work, from The Epic of Gilgamesh to Orhan Pamuk's My Name Is Red, and includes interviews with scholars, artists, and writers, and resources for further exploration of each work.

An online course, by David Damrosch and Martin Puchner, is Masterpieces of World Literature, on the HarvardX platform. It also cinsists of 13 episodes (some also treated in the WGBH series, others different) which can be audited for free, or taken as a certificate-bearing course. Each episode features Damrosch and Puchner in conversation about the week's work, together with interviews with other Harvard faculty and students, and further resources for study.