FREE ONLINE : HarvardX Module in "The Book" : Print and Manuscript in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East (1450-1650)


GenEd 1034: Texts in Transition (co-taught with Prof. Leah Whittington)-- Canvas site for Fall 2019

canvas site for Fall 2020

For a video about the course taped in conjunction with the Harvard Art Museum see https://vimeo.com/489490675


Hist 1155: Early Modern Europe -- Canvas site for Spring 2020

also taught in Harvard Extension School as Hist E-1156

Canvas site (Spring 2018)


History 97b: What is Intellectual History? --Canvas site for Spring 2021


History 1318: History of the Book and of Reading; syllabus from 2017

Canvas site (Fall 2017) Canvas site (Spring 2018)

also taught in Extension school as Hist E-1151
Course isite (Fall 2013)
Course website (2006-07 academic year)

History 1151: Early modern France, 1500-1715 (formerly History 1450)
Includes an optional extra discussion section in French.
Canvas site (unedited)

Culture and Belief 20: Reason and Faith in the West
(formerly Historical Studies A-27)
Course website

History 97c: What is the History of History? Sophomore Tutorial
Course website

Graduate Seminars:

History 3010: reading group for graduate students preparing field exams in Early Modern intellectual/cultural, Early modern French history, and/or Book History

Course website

History 2321/English 259 (with Leah Price, English Dept): Methods in History of the Book
Course website

History 2121: Cultural History of Early Modern Europe
Course website

Graduate Reading Lists:

Early Modern France and Early Modern European Cultural and Intellectual History

History of the Book

Past Conference Courses and Seminars:

History 81a (formerly History 1309): History in Early Modern Europe

History 73b: Introduction to Intellectual History

History 90b: Sophomore Tutorial in Early Modern European History
Course website (2006-2007)

History 98: Junior Tutorial on the History of Harvard

History 90d: Sophomore Tutorial in Intellectual History

History and Literature 97: Sophomore tutorial in Early Modern Europe (full year 2000-01)
Fall syllabus
Spring syllabus

The Two Cultures: the Sciences and the Humanities in Historical Perspective (Freshman Seminar, Spring 2000)

Educational ideals and practices, from ancient Rome to the Enlightenment (conference course, Spring 1997)
Hist 1167 syllabus

Multicultural Switzerland (Freshman Seminar, Fall 1997)

Crisis in European Consciousness, 1680-1715 (conference course, Fall 1997)
Hist 1452 syllabus

Graduate seminar in early modern French intellectual and cultural history
Hist 2320 syllabus

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