Grad Advising

I offer three graduate exam fields - Reading lists available for download below:

Joint List For:
Early Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History
Early Modern France 1450 - 1750

History of the Book

Dissertations completed (others are underway) on which I served

as committee chair:

Amy Houston, “Defending the City, Defending the Faith: The Sieges of the French Civil Wars, 1552-1628" (2010)

Adina Yoffie, "Biblical Literalism and Scholarship in Protestant Northern Europe, 1630-1700 " (2009)

John Gagné, "French Milan: Citizens, Occupiers and the Italian Wars, 1499-1529" (2008)

as member of dissertation committee:

Yi LU (EALC), The Dustbin of History: Archival Politics in Modern China (2021)

Graeme Reynolds (HEAL), Compiling Consciousness: The Production and Reception of the History of Koryŏ (2021)

Louis Gerdelan (History), Calamitous knowledge: Disaster research in the British, French and Spanish Atlantic worlds, c.1605-1755 (2021)

Akif Yerlioglu (HMES), Paracelsus Goes East: Ottoman “New Medicine” (Ṭıbb-ı Cedīd) and Its Afterlife (2020)

Devin Fitzgerald (HEAL), The Ming Open Archive and the Global Reading of Early Modern China (2020)

DU Heng (EALC), “The Author’s Two Bodies: Paratext in Early Chinese Textual Culture (ca. 300 BCE - ca. 200 CE) (2018)

Paolo Savoia (History of Science), “Men, Faces, and Pain: Gaspare Tagliacozzi and Early Modern Surgery” (2017)

Nathan Vedal (EALC), “Scholarly Culture in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century China” (2017)

Noam Andrews (History of Science), "Irregular Bodies: Polyhedral Geometry and Material Culture in Early Modern Germany" (2016)

Megan Shields Formato (History of Science), "Writing the Atom: Niels and Margrethe Bohr and the Construction of Quantum Theory" (2016)

Aslihan Gurbuzel (History and Middle Eastern Studies), "Teachers of the Public, Confidants of the Sultan: Preachers and the Rise of the Ottoman Political Public Sphere (1600-1675)" (2016)

Carla Heelan (History), "Origin and Antitype: Medievalism in Nineteenth-Century Germany, 1806-1914" (2016)

Hansun Hsiung (EALC), "Republic of Letters, Empire of Textbooks: Globalizing Western Knowledge, 1790-1895" (2016)

Stuart McManus (History), "The Global Lettered City: Humanism and Empire in Colonial Latin America and the Early Modern World" (2016)

Meredith Quinn (History), "Books and their Readers in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul" (2016)

Sarah Elizabeth Shortall (History), "Soldiers of God in a Secular World: The Politics of Catholic Theology, 1905-1950" (2015)

Kathryn Anne Schwartz (History and Middle Eastern Studies), "Meaningful Mediums:
A Material and Intellectual History of Manuscript and Print Production in Nineteenth Century Ottoman Cairo" (2015)

LI Ren-Yuan (East Asian Languages and Civilizations), "Making Texts in Villages: Textual Production in Rural China during the Late Imperial Era" (2014)

Michael Tworek (History), “Learning Ennobles: Study Abroad, Renaissance Humanism, and the Transformation of the Polish Nation in the Republic of Letters, 1517-1605” (2014)

Melissa Lo (History of Science), "Between Figure and Line: Visual Transformations of Cartesian Physics, 1620-1690" (2014)

Kristin Williams (East Asian Languages and Civilizations), "Visualizing the Child: Japanese Children’s Literature in the Age of Woodblock Print (ca. 1678-1888)" (2012)

Elias Muhanna (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations), "Encyclopaedism in the Mamluk Period: The Composition of Shihāb al-Dīn al-Nuwayrī’s (d. 1333)  Nihāyat al-Arab fī Funūn al-Adab" (2012)

Ada Palmer (History), "Reading Lucretius in the Renaissance" (2009)

Jean François Gauvin (History of Science), "Habits of Knowledge: Artisans, Savants and Mechanical Devices in Seventeenth-Century French Natural Philosophy" (2008)

Adam Beaver (History), "A Holy Land for the Catholic Monarchy: Palestine in the Making of Modern Spain, 1469-1598" (2008)

Elizabeth Yale (History of Science), "Manuscript Technologies: Correspondence, Collaboration, and the Construction of Natural Knowledge in Early Modern Britain" (2008)

Michael Legaspi (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations), "Reviving the Dead Letter: Johann David Michaelis and the Quest for Hebrew Antiquity" (2006)

Matthew Lundin (History), "The Mental World of a Middling Burgher: the Family Archive of Cologne Lawyer Hermann Weinsberg (1518-97)" (2006)

Daniel Stein Kokin (History), "The Hebrew Question in the Italian Renaissance: Linguistic, Cultural and Mystical Perspectives" (2006)

Elizabeth H. Hyde (History), "Cultivated Power: Flowers, Culture and Politics in Early Modern France" (1998)

as outside reader on dissertations completed elsewhere:


Richard Calis (History), “Martin Crusius (1526-1607) and the Discovery of Ottoman Greece,” Princeton University, 2020.

Ray Schrire (History), “Learning to Think like Shakespeare and Locke: A Cognitive History of Grammar School Education, 1450-1700,” The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2020.

Cait Coker (History), “Liminal Ladies: Reconstructing the Place of Women in Seveteenth-Century English Book Production,” Texas A&M University, 2019

Melissa Reynolds (History), “‘Gentyll Reader Ye Shall Understande’: Practical Books And The Making Of An English Reading Public, 1400–1600,” Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 2019.

Zoe Langer (Art History and Italian Studies), “Dante’s Printed Afterlives: Authorship, Authority, and the Early Modern Book (1500 – 1800),” Brown University, 2018.

Chelsea Zi Wang (History), “Dilemmas of Empire: Movement, Communication, and Information Management in Ming China, 1368-1644,” Columbia University, 2017

José Beltrán Coello (History), “Nature in Draft. Images and Overseas Natural History in the Work of Charles Plumier (1646-1704),” European University Institute, 2017


Frederic Clark (History), "Dividing Time: The Making of Historical Periodization in Early Modern Europe, c.1500-1750," Princeton University, 2014

Suzanne Podhurst (History), “The Scriblerians Uncensored: Libel, Encryption, and the Making of Literary Property in the Eighteenth Century,” Princeton University, 2011

Caroline Sherman (History), "The Genealogy of Knowledge: the Godefroy family, erudition and legal-historical service to the state," Princeton University, 2008

Dominique Brancher (French Literature), "Le voile de Poppée: les ambiguïtés de la pudeur dans le discours médical (1570-1620)," Johns Hopkins University, 2002

Service as a member of a Jury d'Habilitation de Recherches in France:

Violaine Giacomotto-Charra on “‘La matière du monde est ceste cire informe’: voies et voix des savoirs de la nature à la Renaissance,” 3 vols. Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, 2016

Nicolas Schapira on "Foyers d’écritures, lieux de pouvoir dans la France d’Ancien Régime," 2 vols. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, 2014