Here You will find the pdf files of the Lectures.


9/1, L01: Introducing AC274: What is Computational Physics?

Part I: Grid Methods for Classical and Quantum Fields

9/06, L02: Generalities of the Finite Difference (FD) method 9/08, L03: FD for linear transport problems
9/13, L04: FD for nonlinear conservation laws
9/15, L05: Practical examples (fluids, waves, growth phenomena) 9/20, L06: FD for non-relativistic quantum mechanics

9/22, L07: FD for relativistic quantum mechanics Part II: Advanced Grid Methods

9/27, L08: Numerical Electromagnetics: basic notions (*)

9/29, L09: Numerical Electromagnetics: applications (*) 10/04, L10: Introduction to the Finite Volume Method 10/06, L11: Applications to transport and fluid problems 10/11, L12: Introduction to the Finite Element Method 10/13, L13: Applications to fluids and quantum gravity

Part III: Simulating complex states of matter

10/18, L14: Introduction to the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM)

10/20, L15: LBM for fluids
10/25, L16: LBM for soft matter
10/27, L17: Basics of Molecular and Stochastic Particle Dynamics

11/01, L18: Applications to biological and social systems (*) 11/03, L19: A brief intro to the quantum many-body problem (*)

Part IV: Data Analysis and Learning
11/08, L20: Introduction to Machine Learning (*)

11/10, L21: Application of ML to material science simulations (*) 


11/15, L22: Statistical analysis of time series
11/17, L23: From time series to probability distribution functions

11/22, L24: Statistical analysis of chaotic and turbulent signals 11/24, L25: Predicting extreme events

11/29, L26: Wrap-up and project preview Lecture

(*) Guest lectures