Here You will find the pdf files of the Lectures.

Sep 2, Lecture 1: Introduction to AC274

Sep 7-9: Lectures 2-3: Finite Difference Method for Transport Equations

Sep 14: Lecture 4: Solving Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations: Practice

Sep 16: Lecture 5: Finite Difference Methods for Linear Conservation Equations

Sep 21: Lecture 6: Finite Difference Methods for Nonlinear Conservation Equations

Sep 23: Lecture 7: Solving Linear and Nonlinear Conservation Equations: Practice

Sep 28: Lecture 8: Introducing the Finite Volume Method (P. Mocz, Harvard)

Sep 30: Lecture 9: Finite Volume methods for Inviscid Fluid Equations (P. Mocz, Harvard)

Oct. 5: Lecture 10: Numerical Solution of Quantum Wave Equations: Theory

Oct 7: Lecture 11: Numerical Solution of Quantum Wave Equations: Practice

Oct 12: Lecture 12: Basics of the Finite Element Method

Oct 14: Lecture 13: Finite Element Method: Practice

Oct 19: Lecture 14: Machine-Learning-Assisted Simulation in Condensed Matter (E. Kaxiras, Harvard)

Oct 21: Lecture 15: Introduction to the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Oct 26: Lecture 16: Lattice Boltzmann Method for Fluid Flows

Oct 28: Lecture 17: Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Complex Flows: Theory (G. Falcucci)

Nov 2: Lecture 18: Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Complex Flows: Practice (G. Falcucci)

Nov 4: Lecture 19: The Harvard Lattice Boltzmann Simulator (B. Weynstein, Harvard)

Nov 9: Lecture 20: Basics of Data Analysis

Nov 11:  Lecture 21: Dynamic Sampling

Nov 16: Lecture 22: Data Analysis of Turbulent Signals

Nov 18: Lecture 23: Kinetic Models of Wealth Distribution (B. Boghosian, Tufts)

Nov 23: Lecture 24: Introduction to Molecular Dynamics

Nov 25: Lecture 25: Particle Models for Active Matter

Nov 30:  Preview of the Final Projects


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