The Harvard-NUIST Joint Laboratory for Air Quality and Climate (JLAQC) is a collaboration started in August 2017 between Harvard University and Nanjing University for Information Science & Technology (NUIST) to work on atmospheric chemistry and other environmental problems of pressing importance to society, and to contribute to development of the GEOS-Chem atmospheric chemistry model for the benefit of the Asian GEOS-Chem research community. JLAQC resides at Harvard within the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) and hosts members from both Harvard and the NUIST School of Environmental Science & Engineering. JLAQC is co-led by Prof. Daniel Jacob (Harvard) and Prof. Hong Liao (NUIST).


Employment opportunities: JLAQC offers opportunities for NUIST scientists to spend time at Harvard as postdocs or visiting scientists. NUIST faculty appointees can come to Harvard for 2-3 years as postdocs before beginning their NUIST appointment. Applicants interested in a faculty position at NUIST including a JLAQC postdoc appointment at Harvard should contact Prof. Hong Liao . JLAQC may also have opportunities for independent postdoc positions at Harvard to work on projects in collaboration with NUIST. Applicants interested in such a position should contact Prof. Daniel Jacob (Harvard).