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I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student at Harvard, studying Computer Science, advised by Prof. Milind Tambe. Previously, I graduated with a B.Tech and M.Tech (dual degree) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay).


I'm excited about using AI to solve impactful real-world problems, specifically using techniques from Machine Learning and Sequential Decision Making, such as Bandits/Restless Bandits, Reinforcement Learning or Probabilistic Modeling.

My Ph.D. research focuses on using these AI techniques for tackling public health challenges. I've built sequential decision making algorithms in context of real-world application domains, such as for tuberculosis prevention and for improving maternal & child health. Read more about my research and publications here.

Selected Industry Experience

  • Google Research, India (ongoing)
    Research Intern | Manager: Dr. Aparna Taneja
    June 2022 — Sept 2022

  • Google Research, USA
    Student Researcher | Managers: Philip Nelson, Dr. Aparna Taneja
    Awarded a spot bonus for impact in 2021, recognizing “hard work, dedication, talent, and creativity”.
    Nov 2021 — April 2022


  • IBM Research, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA 
    Research Intern | Manager: Dr. Kush Varshney
    June 2021 — Sept 2021

  • Google Research, USA
    Research Intern | Manager: Philip Nelson
    Awarded a peer bonus for “tremendous efforts and contributions” during the internship
    April 2021 — June 2021


  • Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
    R&D Intern | Manager: Yohei Kawamoto 
    May 2016 — July 2016


More About Me:

I also been selected to represent India by Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India at the International Science School at the University of Sydney,  Australia (2013).

I also love traveling and exploring new countries and am very grateful that apart from the United States, life has also taken me to Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, and Mauritius (besides my hometown, India, of course).


  • December 2021:
    • Our paper on a "Field Study Deplyoing Restless Bandits in Assisting non-profits improve Maternal Health" accepted at AAAI 2022!
    • Grateful to receive the Best Paper Award at the NeurIPS 2021 workshop on ML for Public Health (MLPH) for our paper on  "Restless Bandits in the Field..."!
    • Our paper on a "Efficient Algorithms for Streaming Bandits" accepted at AAMAS 2022!
    • Very grateful to have been awarded a spot bonus by Google  for impact throughout 2021, recognizing “hard work, dedication, talent and creativity". 
  • November 2021: I'm excited to be returning to Google Research as a "Student Researcher" and looking forward to pushing out exciting, impactful research!
  • October 2021: I'm co-organizing the Pasteur's Quadrant Seminar Series (PQSS) on AI for social good.
  • June 2021: I'm grateful to have been awarded a peer bonus for my "tremendous efforts and contributions" during my summer internship at Google Research!
  • June 2021: I'll be a Research Intern at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center as a 'Science for Social Good Fellow' from June — September! 
  • April 2021: I'll be a Research Intern at Google Research US from April — June! 
  • March 2021: Co-organizing the Harvard CRCS Rising Stars Speaker Series
  • December 2020:
    • Our paper on "Risk-Aware Intervention Planning using Restless Bandits" accepted to AAMAS 2021!
    • Presented our paper on "Collapsing Bandits" at NeurIPS 2020 [paper] [code] [talk]
  • November 2020: Passed my Ph.D. qualifying exam! Looking forward to next milestones and more impactful research!
  • October 2020: Presented at Computational Sustainability DC 2020, our recent research on "Collapsing Bandits" (NeurIPS-20) jointly with co-first author,  Jackson A. Killian [talk]
  • September 2020:  Our paper on "Collapsing Bandits" accepted to NeurIPS-2020! [arxiv]

Contact Info:

Harvard University
Science and Engineering Complex (SEC)
150 Western Avenue,
Boston, MA 02143
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