adityaI am a third year Ph.D. student in the Teamcore research group at Harvard University, studying Computer Science and advised by Prof. Milind Tambe.

In my research, I am driven to design impactful and clever solutions to challenging real-world problems, using Artificial Intelligence. Specifically I'm interested in leveraging AI tools such as Machine Learning, Online Learning / Reinforcement Learning, Bandits, Probabilistic Modeling and Decision Making. 

My current PhD research revolves around using AI for public health. My recent work (NeurIPS'20 and AAMAS'21 papers) involved designing planning algorithms for health workers managing and monitoring Tuberculosis (TB) patients. The algorithm would recommend to them each day, which patients they must intervene on, so as to maximize the health outcomes of their patient cohort.

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Prior to joining Harvard, I graduated with a B.Tech and M.Tech (Integrated dual degree) in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay

Previously, I have spent Summer 2016 interning at the Advanced Technology group at Sony Corp., Tokyo, working on using sensor fusion and machine learning in smart watches for mood sensing applications. I have also interned at NTU, Taiwan (2017) and spent a year at USC in Los Angeles (2018-2019) as an Annenberg Fellow. Previously, I have also represented India at the International Science School at Univeristy of Sydney, Australia (2013).  I love traveling, and apart from visiting/living in these cities mentioned above (Boston, LA, Tokyo, Taipei, Sydney), I'm fortunate that life has also taken me to Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia and Mauritius.


  • December 2020:
    • Our paper on "Risk-Aware Intervention Planning using Restless Bandits" accepted to AAMAS 2021!
    • Presented our paper on "Collapsing Bandits" at NeurIPS 2020 [paper] [code] [talk]
  • November 2020: Passed my Ph.D. qualifying exam! Looking forward to next milestones and more impactful research!
  • October 2020: Presented at Computational Sustainability DC 2020, our recent research on "Collapsing Bandits" (NeurIPS-20) jointly with co-first author,  Jackson A. Killian [talk]
  • September 2020:  Our paper on "Collapsing Bandits" accepted to NeurIPS-2020! [arxiv]
  • May 2020:
    • Presented our paper (virtually) on "Building Decision Aids for Community Health Workers" at AAMAS 2020 workshop, OptLearnMAS. [talk]
    • Sakal Media house covered our work on COVID-19 modeling in Maharashtra! [article
  • April 2020: Our work on COVID-19 modeling got covered by Nature India! [article] [paper]
  • March 2020: Co-organized the Harvard CRCS Workshop on AI for Social Impact, 5-6 March 2020. The inaugural edition was a grand success! Check out the workshop website.
  • Feb 2020: Attended AAAI20 in New York from 6-12 Feb 2020.


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Harvard University
Maxwell Dworkin MD 213
33 Oxford Street,
Cambridge, MA 02143
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