Fast Imaging Library

This library of functions provides a number of algorithms to reconstruct
accelerated MR data, including

  • Parallel Imaging Methods
  • SENSE, Variable Density SENSE, regularized SPACE RIP, GRAPPA, and GROG

as well as a number of associated MR image reconstruction algorithms, including:

  • Homodyne processing of partial-Fourier data
  • Gradient field inhomogeneity correction (gradwarp)
  • Nyquist Ghost correction

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Demo code for hybrid US-MRI reconstruction

Demo code, written in the Julia programming language, for the reconstruction of hybrid ultrasound+MRI acquisitions. More specifically, the demo code available for download relates to the hybrid imaging application described in the 2017 Magn Reson Med paper by Preiswerk et al"Hybrid MRI‐Ultrasound acquisitions, and scannerless real‐time imaging." 

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