ASC Survey of Analytic Background, Interests & Tools

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Survey Background and Completion Rates

In October 2016, the ASC Steering Committee emailed 365 staff members at Harvard who perform data analytic related job functions based on some initial inclusion criteria. The email introduced ASC and invited recipients to respond to a survey developed to gauge analytic interests and areas of expertise. Nearly half of recipients completed the survey, which is equivalent to 172 staff members. 


As recipients were invited to forward the invitation email to colleagues who may be interested, 24 additional staff members, not captured in the initial distribution query, completed the survey. This brings the total number of completed responses to 196



Of the 196 respondents, nearly half are affiliated with a department in Central Administration while the other half are affiliated with one of Harvard's Schools. 


Completion Rate by Unit


Approximately three-quarters of Central Administration staff that completed the survey work in Financial Administration, the Office of the President and Provost, or Alumni Affairs and Development. Roughly the same proportion of staff in the Schools that completed are from Harvard Medical School/School of Public Health, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, or Harvard Business School.


   Completion Rate by Sub-Unit

AA&D – Alumni Affairs & Development; FAD – Financial Administration; FAS – Faculty of Arts and Sciences; GSE – Graduate School of Education; HBS – Harvard Business School; HKS – Harvard Kennedy School; HMS/SPH – Harvard Medical School/School of Public Health; HR – Human Resources; OPP – Office of the President & Provost; OTH CADM – Other Central Administration Sub-Units; OTH FAC – Other Harvard Schools; P&PM – Planning & Project Management

Analytic Staff Background and Interests
The first set of survey questions asked staff to identify analytic functions they perform and, presented with the same categories, which functions they'd like to learn. Respondents had an opportunity to write in analytic functions not listed, (Summarize here)...
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[Branch question if "Designing and/or analyzing surveys" was selected in "Functions I perform..."]

You indicated that you have designed and/or analyzed surveys. What survey software do you have experience with?                      



Software, Programming Languages, and Tools


Tools Used by Analytic Function, Top Ten


Percent of Staff that Reported Using Software/Tool, by Job Function


Software and Tools of Interest