Steering Committee

ASC’s Informal Steering Committee:
Alec Antell, OPP Financial Planning and Analysis,
Andrew Ang, VPAL-Research / HarvardX,
Ana Bard, HR Analytics and Reporting,
Erica Bever, College Admissions and Financial Aid Research,
Damien Boutillon, HILT,
Neel Chaudhury, VPF Financial Strategy and Planning,
Erin Driver-Linn, Institutional Research and HILT,
Hadas Eidelman, VPAL-Research,
Clint Ficula, AAD Data Strategy and Management,
Victoria Liublinska, Institutional Research,
Amanda McDonnell, VPF Financial Accounting and Reporting,
Jim Nelson, Planning and Project Management,
Beth O'Malley, VPF Financial Reporting, 
Jennifer Robinson, VPF Financial Accounting and Reporting,
Daniel Seaton, VPAL Research,
Mark Seibring, FAS HR Analytics and Compensation,
Jennie Staples, HR Analytics and Reporting,
Mike Toon, Sponsored Research Reporting Analytics,
Leah Whitehouse, Institutional Research,
Kwok Yu, FAS Faculty Affairs Analytics,