3/30/2016 - Nan Laird (Harvard) - Multivariate Problems in the Genetic Analysis of Complex Disease

Presentation Date: 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


CGIS Knafel K354

Title: Multivariate Problems in the Genetic Analysis of Complex Disease

Abstract: Complex diseases have multiple underlying contributing factors, both genetic and environmental.  In addition, the disease syndrome is often characterized by numerous clinical traits that may be analyzed for association with genes along with the disease status.  Genome Wide Association Analysis (GWAS) has been highly successful in identifying some genetic loci associated with many disease syndromes and/or selected traits.  The purpose of the analysis of multiple traits may be to show consistency and thereby strengthen the evidence, or to identify different loci for different traits, or to gain additional power for new loci.  In this talk we describe an approach to integrating multiple phenotypes based on the concepts of heritability and co-heritability.   Our approach is designed for GWAS and uses the genetic data both for the estimation of heritability and using samples of cases and controls and for testing association.

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