Jeff Golden (Harvard Medical School) - Computational Pathology: The heart, lungs…and brain of Precision Medicine - Presenter: Jeff Golden

Presentation Date: 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Abstract: Advances in high-throughput laboratory and health information technologies are revolutionizing the disciplines of pathology and laboratory medicine.  The ability to extract clinically actionable knowledge using computational methods from complex, high-dimensional laboratory and clinical (digital) data, thereby yielding more precise diagnoses, disease stratification, and selection of patient-specific treatments, will clearly be a significant and important realization in the delivery of health care. Pathologists, who are at the nexus of diagnostic data, models of disease pathogenesis, and clinical correlation, are ideally positioned to lead the emerging ‘‘big data’’ era of medical care.  I will discuss our recent proposal for a new discipline we call ‘Computational Pathology’.

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