Growing a Pattern From a Seed- Presenter: Cynthia Rudin

Presentation Date: 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Presenter: Cynthia Rudin 

Abstract: I will describe two methods and applications for pattern detection, where patterns are grown from a seed of a few items:

1) Growing a List: The next generation of search engines should not simply retrieve URLs, but should aim at retrieving information. We designed a system that leads into this next generation, leveraging information from across the Internet to grow an authoritative list on almost any topic, starting from a seed.

2) Crime Series Detection: In joint work with the Cambridge Police Department, we designed a method called "Series Finder" that detects patterns of crime that are committed by the same individual or group. The method is tested on a decade's worth of housebreak data from Cambridge, MA.

Series Finder is a supervised pattern detection algorithm. Time permitting, I will provide statistical learning theoretic guarantees for supervised pattern detection methods.

Collaborators are: Benjamin Letham, Katherine Heller, Tong Wang, Daniel Wager, Rich Sevieri, and Jonathan Huggins

References are here:
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