9/30/2015- James Greiner (Harvard)- Two Proposed Field RCTs in the Law

Presentation Date: 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Title: Two Proposed Field RCTs in the Law

Abstract: This talk will consist of a presentation of two proposed randomized control trials (“RCTs”) in the legal setting.  The first concerns triage of legal services in the context of intimate partner violence prevention.  The RCT will deploy a double-randomization scheme to compare results of human (professional) triaging to random triaging.  The second study concerns the legal aspects of severe financial distress.  It will deploy a saturated two-by-two design contrasting (i) self-help materials versus an offer of attorney representation, and (ii) financial counseling delivered via the Internet or the telephone versus financial counseling delivered via a paper packet.  For the latter RCT, results of a pilot study will be presented.

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