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How will my reference providers submit recommendations?

Reference request e-mails are sent to the reference provider e-mail addresses you supply in your online application. Reference request e-mails are sent to your reference providers from after you submit your application. Most search committees send reference request e-mails as soon as an application is submitted. Others may wait until a later phase of the search process. Reference request e-mails include a 'reference portal' link to an online recommendation form where the reference provider uploads a letter. You can check whether your reference request emails have been sent to your reference providers by following the instructions given in the After Applying (FAQ) to the right.

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What do I do if I a document upload fails?

  1. Be sure your browser type is supported. (see above).
  2. Be sure that your document file type is one of the following:
    1. Microsoft Word document files of type: .doc, .docx. 
    2. Adobe Acrobat files of type: .pdf. 
    3. Rich text files of type: .rtf, .rtx. 
    4. Text files of type: .txt.
    5. Images of type: .jpeg, .jpe, .jpg., png, .tif, .tiff. 
    6. Excel files of type: .xls and .xlsx.
  3. Mac users: If your filename does not include a file extension (i.e. . docx for Microsoft Word, or . pdf for Adobe Acrobat) you will need to rename it to include the extension. To rename: Ctrl+click on the file and select Get Info. Click in the Name and Extension field. Add the appropriate extension and press the Return key. When prompted, select  Add.
  4. The file size of your document must be smaller than 25MB. If you are uploading your document as an image file that is over 25MB, opening the image in an image editing application and resaving it may reduce the image size. Taking a screen shot of the image and saving it as a new image file may also help reduce the file size.
  5. Be sure that your file does not have security restrictions placed upon it. The system cannot accept security restricted files. 
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Can I begin my application now and complete it later?

If your application has not been certified and submitted, you may edit your responses and your documents while the posting remains online. To access your draft applications:
  1. Login to
  2. Select Your Applications
  3. In the Applications to Complete section, under Application Materials, selectApplication.
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After Applying

How will I know if reference requests have been e-mailed?

  • Login to
  • Select Your Applications
  • In the Completed Applications section, underApplication Materials, select Reference Requests.
  • Next to each reference in the Recommendation Solicited column will be the date when the reference request email was sent to the reference provider. If the email has not yet been sent, the word No will appear in that column.
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Can I make changes to my application after I submit it?

Applicants cannot make changes to an application once they have certified and submitted it.  In some cases a search committee may be amenable to updating materials. If you would like to request an update to your application, please refer to the contact information provided in the position description and in the application acknowledgement e-mail. When making a request, please be specific about what you wish to edit, attaching any documents you wish to add or update.  If edits are possible, the search committee contact person will reactivate your application in which case you may must make the changes and re-certify and resubmit your application, or the contact person may opt to make the requested changes on your behalf. 
Examples of change requests:
  1. Change reference provider e-mail address. 
  2. Resend reference provider reference request e-mail. 
  3. Update document.
  4. Add document.
See also: After Applying