What do we notice of what we see, and why? How can we cultivate the art of listening? How do the the things we make, collect, exhibit, or throw away shape our  personal histories and those of our cultures?  Does exile enable or stifle artistic creativity? Explore some courses clustered by theme and open a window into a new world. Explore.



Alexander Rehding

Fanny Peabody Professor of Music

Co-Creator of Humanities 11b. Frameworks: The Art of Listening

As a musicologist, I often get asked what I do, and if I play an instrument. The answer is, yes, I do play instruments, trombone and piano, but that’s not the main part of the daily work of a musicologist. Our work is usually informed by our perspective as musicians, but we engage in teaching and research, and we ask all sorts of questions about the history, theory, and culture of music.