Assessment Workshops

Many offices are getting more interested in conducting surveys to get feedback and to understand the outcomes of their activities, workshops, and/or seminars. Harvard College Institutional Research (HCIR) is offering a series of 5 workshops to help with this effort using the approach of an Outcome-Based Assessment Process. With assessment being the most powerful movement in American higher education (Schuh, 2016), we hope that this workshop series will provide a practical guide and framework of Assessment for Non-Academic Units. At the end of the first two workshops, participants will be able to setup their assessment plan.
Workshop 1 Assessment Planning I: Goals, Objectives, Outcomes | Wed. Jan. 26, 2022 10 AM
Workshop 2 Assessment Planning II: Methods, Measures, Data Collection, Results and Actions | Wed. February 16, 2022 10 AM
Workshop 3 Assessment Planning III: Survey Design, Focus Groups, and Interviews | Fri. March 18, 2022 10 AM
Workshop 4 Collect Survey Data and Generate Reports using Qualtrics | Fri. April 15, 2022 10 AM
Workshop 5 Data Reporting: How to Create Dashboards | Wed. May 25, 2022 10 AM

Workshops Presenter: Lynda Zhang, Senior Research Analyst/Manager, Harvard College Institutional Research

If you are interested in creating surveys without an assessment plan, you can join Workshop 3 (how to design your surveys, focus groups and interviews) and Workshop 4 (how to use Qualtrics to collect data and generate report). Workshop 5 will show participants how to create a dashboard with tables and charts without having to buy an expensive software. 


Consulting Services


HCIR provides consulting services for other offices regarding assessment plan, survey design, data collection, report generation, and result publishing using a dashboard. Please contact Lynda Zhang from HCIR to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs/questions. 

On-Demand Workshops 


HCIR also provides on-demand workshops for other offices. Please contact Lynda Zhang from HCIR to schedule workshops tailored to your department/office.  

Schuh, John H., et al. Assessment in Student Affairs, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2016.