Community Reaction to Measurements

Observational studies of community reaction to measurements (embedding the social study in the technical testing - how do peoples responses change as things get measured - can we model and predict this in any useful form?)

Alternative Scholarly Products

Such as data sets, software, blogs and tweets. 

These sorts of products are becoming increasingly important, and lack the sorts of well-established attribution norms in place around articles. 

Taxonomy for Contributor Roles

Development of a taxonomy of contributor roles and new general guidelines for authorship/contributorship (what they should include, how prescriptive they should/can be, how the value of contributions (level of innovation, technical achievement, complexity of data analysis, etc) can be denoted, understood and appreciated, across as well as within disciplines.

Attribution Metrics

Comparing different attribution metrics in a large-scale study.
New metrics for credit and attribution, and attribution of non-publication scholarly works.