FundRef: a new project from a publisher-funding agency collaboration to standardize the collection and display of funding agency information in scholarly publications

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


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Fred Dylla, Executive Director and CEO, American Institute of Physics

Funding agencies and the research community supported by funding agencies have a responsibility to report the results of the supported research to various constituencies including the public. Presently, funders and grant numbers are not always included in the resulting scholarly publications. Where publishers do collect this information it is presented in non-standard locations in the publications making it difficult to locate. If this information can be collected, displayed and archived as an agreed upon component of the standard metadata associated with a scholarly publication, an important service will be provided to the authors, funding agencies and readers who access these publications. The CrossRef organization is managing a new pilot project, called “FundRef,” the purpose of which is to develop and test the protocol for collecting appropriate funding agency information from authors at the time of submission of manuscripts to scholarly publishers. Presently six scholarly publishers and four funding agencies are participating in the design and implementation of the pilot project. Project status and updates will be posted at