We are currently working on two NIH-funded prosopagnosia studies aimed at better understanding face perception and memory mechanisms underlying face recognition deficits. Specifically, we're investigating how these deficits vary amongst people with prosopagnosia (e.g., do subtypes of prosopagnosia exist?) and potential treatment approaches.

The first study involves an intensive ~3-hour session of performing online face/object computer tests and questionnaires, with the goal of characterizing individual differences in face perception and memory abilities. The second study involves testing out whether a novel, 8-week (30 mins/day x 5 days/week) online training program targeting face perception and memory can improve face recognition ability on lab tests and in daily life.

Compensation (for people in the US only, unfortunately) is $10/hour for testing and $6/30-min training session (37 sessions total). We also are happy to provide detailed feedback on our participants' performance relative to our controls and others with prosopagnosia.

Please email if you are interested in learning more about either study and to see if you qualify.

Online Testing