Germline CDKN2A mutations are an established risk factor among melanoma-prone families. An accurate carrier probability model for CDKN2A can greatly facilitate genetic counseling for all members of hereditary melanoma families.

MelaPROTM is a statistical model, with associated software, for assessing the probability than an individual carries a germline deleterious mutation of CDKN2A (p16), based on family history of single primary and multiple primary melanomas. It provides three separate prediction models based on penetrances previously estimated from 1) high-risk melanoma families in high baseline incidence area -- Australia, the United States, and Sweden, 2) high-risk melanoma families in low baseline incidence area -- Europe except Sweden, and 3) all melanoma families from Australia, the United States and Italy. The results of the model give useful information about an individual's cutaneous melanoma risk, which can impact an individual's clinical decisions and allow researchers to enroll high-risk individuals in genetic studies.