BBB 2017 Symposium

When: 8:30am-2:00pm on Saturday, 3/11/2017

Where: Enders Research Building, 320 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115


BBB 2017 with SCBA and CBIS

8:15am-8:50am, Complimentary Breakfast and registration 8:50am-9:00am, Introduction

9:00am-9:20am, Yi Zhang (张毅), BCH, HMS
"Allelic Chromatin Accessibility Analysis Uncovers New Mechanism of Genomic Imprinting"

9:20am-10:20am, 12 short talks (Section I) 10:20am-10:40am, Yingzi Yang (杨英姿), HSDM, HMS
"Hippo Signaling in Liver Cancer"

10:40am-11:00am, Coffee Break

11:00am-11:20am, Guangping Gao (高光坪), UMASS “Adeno-associated virus vectors for in vivo gene delivery: from gene replacement, gene silencing, gene addition to gene editing”

11:20am-12:20am, 12 short talks (Section II)

12:20pm-12:40pm, Hao Wu (吴皓), BCH, HMS “Cryo-EM and its use in solving structures of supramolecular complexes"

12:40pm-1:00pm, Complimentary Chinese Box Lunch

1:00pm-1:50pm, Panel Discussion (Yang Shi/施杨, Xi He/賀熹, Hao Wu/吴皓, Yingzi Yang/杨英姿 and DongFeng Chen/陈东风) "Power of Community and Collaboration"

1:50pm-2:00pm, Closing Remark


Short-talk Section I


1. Dingding An, BCH. “How microbial symbionts modulate host health and diseases”

2. Hong Chen/陈鸿, BCH. “Endocytic Adaptor Proteins, Epsins, in Cardiovascular Disease”

3. Chao Cheng/程超, Dartmouth. “Development and Application of Integrative Computational Methods to Translational Cancer Research”

4. Min Dong/董民, BCH “Biology and Engineering of Bacterial Toxins”. 

5. Gang Han, UMass. TBD

6. Xi He/賀熹, BCH. “Wnt signaling, cancer, stem cells”

7. Pengyu Hong, Brandeis. “Machine Learning in Bioinformatics and BioImage Informatics”

8. Li Jia/贾力, BWH. “Androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer”

9. Sean Xue Li/李雪, BCH. “Sex in Development and Cancer”

10. Zhe Li/李哲, BWH. “Stem Cell and Cancer”

11. Honghuang Lin/林鸿煌, BU. “Integrative omics research for CVD: Framingham Heart Study”

12. 13. Quan Lu/陆泉, HSPH. “Genetic and Mechanistic Studies of Environmental and Lung Diseases”

14. Xinhua Chen/陈新华, BIDMC “Clostridium difficile Infection”


Short-talk Section II


15. Hongbo Luo/罗鸿博, BCH. “Neutrophils in host defense and inflammation”

16. Weiliang Qiu/丘伟良, BWH. “Statistical data analysis”

17. Dazhi Wang/王大之, BCH. “Heart and skeletal muscle”

18. Qiaobing Xu/许巧兵, Tufts. “Lipid-based Nanoparticles for drug delivery and neural regeneration”

19. Hongwei Yao/姚宏伟, Brown U. “Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)”

20. Huihui Ye, BIDMC. “Genetics Behind Histomorphology of Prostate Cancer”

21. Peng Yin/尹鹏, Wyss/HMS. “Nanoscale construction & imaging with DNA”

22. Can Zhang/张灿, MGH. “Translating mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s into therapeutics”

23. Xuanhe Zhao, MIT. “Novel Hydrogel Scaffolds, Electronics and Robots”

24. Xiaobo Zhou/周晓波, BWH “Translational Genetics in COPD”
25. Xiao Zhou/周晓, BIDMC. “Pin1 targeted therapy in cancer and Alzheimer”
26. Shougang Zhuang/庄守纲, Brown. “Acute kidney injury, Renal fibrosis, cell signaling, epigenetics”